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Exclamation OK..somethings burning

This isnt a question about my Kat, but about my 1983 Yamaha 650 (900 kit), 29,000 miles..she'll start up just fine , like usual, but before after a few minutes of the choke, she'd run normal at a nice idle, never stall out...lately, actually over the last week, I've been noticing that as long as the choke is on, she's fine, but the RPM's wont increase after it's warmed up like normal, but still runs..then when you turn off the choke..within 10 seconds or so, she shuts off..I can start it right back up, and if I choke it, it's fine, but take it off, and same thing happens...I just changed the oil/filter last weekend, and fresh gas. Not leaking any fluids. When it's warmed up, you can start to smell it run very very hot..very quickly (alot quicker than usual, like with in a couple minutes) ... but there is nothing abnormal coming out of the exhaust and it doesnt smell like oil that I can tell.

any ideas?

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