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Reputation Points FAQ

Reputation Points FAQ

The user reputation system provides a way of rating users based on the quality of their posts. Members can add or subtract reputation points from other users by clicking the reputation link in their posts. There are restrictions on the giving and taking away of reputation points by members. User reputations allow the members to tell TWF which users are quality and which users are not. This is visually represented under each user's name with "pips".

At the lower left of every post you will see a new icon which allows you to provide reputation for that user's post. It looks like this:

Clicking the icon allows you to post a comment and state whether you approve or disapprove of that user's post. All new members start with 10 reputation points and depending on how other members approve/disapprove, this point total can go up or down. If you hover your cursor over the green blocks, or pips, one of the reputation levels is displayed. The levels of reputation are:

-100 User is infamous around these parts
-50 User is drowning in negative reputation points
-10 User is getting deep in negative reputation points
-1 User has negative reputation points
0 User has no reputation points
3 User has at least 3 reputation points
5 User has at least 5 reputation points
10 User has at least 10 reputation points (Everyone starts here)
30 User has at least 30 reputation points
50 User has at least 50 reputation points
75 User has at least 75 reputation points
100 User has at least 100 reputation points
150 User has at least 150 reputation points
200 User has at least 200 reputation points
300 User has at least 300 reputation points
450 User is a name known to all
600 User is a splendid one to behold
900 User has much to be proud of
1300 User has a brilliant future
2000 User has a reputation beyond repute
Reputation Power
All users have a certain reputation power. This depends on the number of posts they have, the reputation they have received themselves and how long they have been a member etc. When you approve of a post, you increase the poster's reputation by the number of reputation power points you have. If you disagree with their post, their reputation points will decrease by the number of reputation power points you have. New members must have at least 50 posts before giving reputation points. They may add comments, but points are not added or subtracted until the 50 posts mark is hit.

Administrators have a reputation power of 10. For all other members the starting point is one. Each year of membership earns one additional point of reputation altering power. For every 100 points of reputation, one addition point of reputation power is earned. If any member has less than 10 reputation points, they may add comments, but points are not added or subtracted.

How Often You Can Rep
All members may give 10 reputation clicks in a 24 hour period. Administrators are exempt from this rule, moderators are not. You must "rep" 5 different members before you can rep the same member again.

Everyone starts with 10 points and one green "pip" associated with their profile. As they gain (or lose) points, their total increases or decreases and the number of green icons next to their profile changes. The more green icons there are, the more the user is respected in the forum. The pips and levels are shown below:

: Each dark green pip is worth 75 reputation points. Five dark green pips will appear before the pips change color.

: Each light green pip is worth 150 reputation points. Five light green pips will appear before the pips change color.

: Each golden pip is worth 500 reputation points. 14 golden pips will appear before the pips change color.

Common Questions

How can find out my current reputation level?
You can find out your current reputation level from your Control Panel and you can view the 99 most recent comments posted about you.

Are admins/mods notified when someone gives/gets neg reps?
No, there is no notification to the management staff.

How much power does forum management have with the reputation system? What can be altered or changed and can reputation points be added/removed manually?
Only admins can manually edit reputation points. As a general rule, there should never be a reason to do this. Most of what you've read above can be altered. TWF has stuck with, mostly, "stock" settings, though we've changed a few.

What happens when you reach negative rep points?
From a posting perspective, nothing. The way it's setup now the only thing someone with negative points cannot do is rep others and effect their points.

So, other than pips, what's the benefit of this system?
Technically speaking, we have the ability to promote members who reach certain rep point levels. That is, we could give them supporting member status which would have certain benefits. For now, we're not doing this and currently have no plans to implement something like this.

Why is there a limiter? Why can't I give out more rep points?
The purpose of limiting your ability to give out rep points is meant maintain validity of the system. If we allowed unlimited rep points to be handed out, it would dilute the value of receiving rep points. Now, when someone reaches a golden pip, it means something because of the amount of points needed to get there. If it were easy to get points, the entire reputation points system becomes meaningless.

How many post will it take until my green light turns black?
There are no black pips.

What do all of the pips look like, and are they all used?
No, they are not all used. Some of these you may see and some you may never see:

What are some reasons to rep someone, positive or negative?
You may choose to positively rep someone because they have helped you or someone else out by posting an answer to a question that someone asked. They post a tutorial or how to or review that was not asked for but helps or they post something funny.

You may choose to negatively rep someone because they didn't follow forum rules, their post was offensive to you or you didn't like what they said.

How do I figure out when I get a new pip?
The points are listed above under the PIPs section.

What's the difference between my reputation points and my reputation power points?
Reputation points are what others have given you for your posts, they are cumulative.

Reputation power points start at 10 for everyone and increase or decrease NOT based on any one factor, but several. These factors are listed above in the Reputation Power section. This is a weighted system giving the ability of those with more reputation points more value when they rep you.

For instance a new member with 10 reputation power points who reps you doesn't earn you reputation points as much as a veteran member with 20 reputation power points.
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