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Scorpion EXO 700 question

Hey guys,
I've been on hiatus from the site for a while. Nothing personal, just busy at work and not really thinking about bikes in 9 degree weather (until this last weekend). It was 50 and sunny last Saturday, so I've been getting back in the spirit again...anyways...enough ing

I'm about to buy a Scorpion EXO-700, but I know they're coming out with the 1000 pretty soon. Anybody have an idea of if it's due out this year and price range? It looks like the added features are pretty bad ass!

Also, the "S" on the front...anybody take it off? How hard is it (it looks like its just stuck on and would only require peeling it off and then using some goop-off to clean up the sticky residue)?

Thanks guys.

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