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Originally Posted by rockinthef4i View Post
I started messing around with the 2nd gear stand up wheelie recently. I have no problems doing a 2nd gear clutch wheelie but I'm not sure which is better for the standup. I haven't tried clutching a stand up in 2nd but have tried powering it up. I've only gotten it high once while powering it up, but the only problem is is that I have to like pull up on the handlebars while giving it throttle. Will clutching it have the same effect as in 1st gear where the bike comes up fast as hell or will it be smoother like a power up?
Here's some answers to your questions. A power up will always be smoother then clutching it, always. If you're trying to get the bike up quickly then clutching it is the way to go in 2nd. It all depends on how comfortable and how quickly you want the bike to stand up. You obviously have more control powering it up, but it takes more effort/time/distance, but if you can clutch 2nd and feel 100% comfortable then I would stick to that method. At least that's what I do.
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