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Hey all,

My sincerest apology for being away from the forum for a little while. It's tax time here so I have been busy with that, plus I have been helping my wife with our 9 week old son, and our 2.5 year old daughter who seems to need more attention that our son!

I did go to the strip last weekend, but unfortunately couldn't take the bike. My friend didn't get the trailer he wanted so he only had access to a dirtbike trailer which couldn't fit two sportbikes (he has a z1000 with really wide bars). So, I had to leave my bike at home. In anticipation of going to the strip, I did however change the front sprocket back to the 16T and the bike is much easier to ride now.

I did take the car and did a 12.74 (02 Subaru STi heavily modded 2 litre). I'm upping the engine capacity to 2.4litres and should see 400hp at the wheels. That will make it an 11 second 4 cylinder which will be nice!

Re the bike, I'll go out to Calder which is closer so I can ride there. However, it's getting pretty cold here now (around high 30's early 40's) and with flatslide carbs and no choke, my bike doesn't like to start. So it may have to wait for Spring.

Thanks so much for all your tips and help. I will use them all when I do go to the strip.


Any Aussies that want your bike painted.....give me a holler!
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