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Mr. Pink
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how was your weekend?

How was everyones weekend?

Friday night I went to see George Thorogood

Saturday I had a surprise birthday party for my brother and I had to keep him busy during the day while his wife made all the arrangements and set everything up... we decided to go offroading during the day

Here is a shot of my jeep and my brothers (im in front) and my buddy varun rubbing his head for some reason

here is a picture of my jeep going on part of the trail, notice the suspension articulate on the driver side...

a view from the passenger seat when I let my buddy varun drive.

***Mental note*** When offroading, its better to have the doors on!

Sunday I washed the camaro and hung out around the house for a bit. I also went to see the movie "WAR". GREAT movie! Jason Statham is a great actor and jet li kicks ass!

How was everyone elses weekend?
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