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I seriously doubt the person swerved on purpose. No one hates bikes enough to swerve and risk killing themselves or raise their insurance rates or spend time in jail.

Looks like he was coming up on slowing traffic and was probably not paying attention. Then noticed it and jammed the brakes then lost it. I wouldn't call him a jerk. He (Not counting the biker) just got unlucky that he happend to hit a motorcycle instead of a car. On top of a motorcycle with a helmet cam on.

Also noticed the rider was a girl. Partially because the rider didn't stare at that woman's chest all day long. But mainly because they said it was a her.

It looked like the bike rider had some good reactions. Didn't look like she grabbed the brake(Nor any back brake at all) and swerved to the most open spot. Many people would have just grabbed both brakes nad probably came out a lot worste. But she was also wearing full gear.
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