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TWF Review: Pimp Stixxx Detailing Component System

Review: Pimp Stixxx Detailing Component System


Have you ever wrapped a rag around a screwdriver to clean your motorcycles hard to reach places? If you have, then we have a product that may interest you. It could end the headache of the screwdriver trick, which doesn’t work all that well anyway.

The Pimp Stixxx detailing component system is a patent-pending motorcycle detailing/polishing technology. It utilizes a series of various straight and angled component handles, seven component cleaning heads, and a cloth or optional micro fiber cloth towel to help clean tight, hard-to-reach areas that cannot normally be reached by using conventional tools or by hand.

Unlike the screwdriver, Pimp Stixxx won’t scratch, nick, or damage your painted, chrome, billet aluminum, or powder-coated surfaces. The rods or handles are made of a tempered aluminum with a nice anti-scratching and chemical resistant vinyl. It makes them easy to hold, gives them lots of grip, and won’t rub into your precious hands giving you blisters. The component heads are a high-density plastic that is also resistant to chemicals.

Before you peruse the ample amount of photographs in this review and wonder, "Hey those aren't photos of a sportbike", we'll explain. The Pimp Stixxx detailing system is for any bike, however we felt the best test of the product line was on a cruiser with ample amounts of chrome and exposed hard-to-reach areas. We are a sportbike site, but we still enjoy anything with two wheels! Honestly, we were skeptical at first until we started using the products. Read on and see why...

This is what you get when you open the box:

After removing the various tools, you quickly realize just how many options and different combinations available!

Even combinations that allow you to just flip the handle instead of having to drop and pick up:

WeI started with a 6” 90 degree handle on the 12” straight, and the 1” flat blade (Pimp Stixxx calls it the head cleaner).

We grabbed their “Pimp Rag” which really is just a cotton T-shirt. It worked ok just clearing the debris from our cruiser's motors heat fins.

Add some liquid polish (not part of the kit) and the results were great. The liquid seemed to have a better range: easier to use and to apply. Combined with the 4.25” flexible flat blade we were now a cleaning machine!

We put ourselves into high gear and really started to realize the potential and features of our Pimp Stixxx. If you thought you kept your bike clean before Pimp Stixxx, THINK AGAIN! You start getting into places you could never get to before, finding dirt that you never knew was there or bothered to attempt to clean knowing it was too hard to reach.

Look at some before and after shots.


Half & Half


At the end of the day our favorite pieces and most used was the 6” 45 degree handle with the 4.25” flat blade. It reached very far, held the rag well, and was really bendable

We also enjoyed the use of the cone/pick cleaner. For those really tight corners with deep into the crevice dirt.

We did notice that the thin supplied rag was almost too thin and would push thru under heavy rubbing. No problem, just replaced it with a thicker shop rag/cut up T-shirt. But who doesn’t have spare rags or towels lying around?

Sportbikers may not have heat-sink fins on your motor or a lot of chrome, but you have a dash cluster with a speed screen over it showing off all that dirt behind the dash! Cleaning this area is a real hassle. You have hard to reach places in those fairings, swingarms, and between frame sliders and your fairings. Take a look at your bike…CLOSELY.

For those looking for " bike show clean" or like it was when it rolled off the line, we just can’t see how it's possible without Pimp Stixxx.

For the skeptics among us, Pimp Stixxx even offers a guarantee - This is not your dollar store junk! Pimp Stixxx comes backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality or the product, you can return your merchandise for a full refund, less the S&H cost. But guess what. Over 6500 units sold over 3 years and not ONE returned, according to Pimp Stixxx! How is that for an insurance policy?

Keep your eyes pealed on their website for great deals. Remember gift season is coming and at only $27.99 for the Pimp Stixxx Component System it would be perfect for almost any rider. You can even through in a few pieces of logo wear.

If you have a bike that has more than 1 mile on it… then you should consider Pimp Stixxx to keep it i showroom condition. With such a low price it’s a great addition to our cleaning supplies!


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Ease of use:



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