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Originally Posted by z06boy View Post
The police officer for running the truck into the wall...he was the last to drive it.

Originally Posted by trock View Post
#1 Marko you are going to hell.

#2 I think both parents should be blamed for it. Even if it was the 12 year old boys, it was the parents fault. How many 12 year olds do you know that have access to 2 lbs of cocaine.
There is no 12 year old who knows what to do with a sack of blow not to mention a bundle this dam big!!

2 lbs is something like $30k to buy and you can make like $60k off of it!! So this has to be a family affare! Mom knows dads dealing and so does the rest of the city!! Thats why the cops are there!!

Now mom and dad are each going to catch a charge for the posesion of 2 lbs with the intent to distribute! and having it around a minor and child endangerment or something similar!! Not to mention any distribution charge that got the cops the warrent!

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