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Ask Ford to PLEASE build one of these just for us!

Yes, the brand-new Ford Transit Connect. I've seen
a few of these running around So.Cal. (and upstate
NY on a recent trip there), and I think it would be
the greatest purpose-built motorcycle-hauler ever made.
I've already contacted FoMoCo to suggest they build
such a version of this trucklet. With a built-in load ramp, wheel chock or wheel, and tie-down strap holders, it would be IDEAL for street and dirt bikes!
And what if they took a page from their F-150
Harley version pick-up? Couldn't you see a red and
black (or white) "Ducati"-specific Transit Connect?
Or a blue and white version for Suzuki and Yamaha?
Or black with green or orange accents for Kawie,
Harley, and KTM, respectively?
Remember how much we all liked the Ducati-centric
Toyota pick-up they had at the IMS Cycle Shows?
"Build it...and they will buy"....
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