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Originally Posted by ScottSellersUNR
Ok so ive drag raced it beofre but this Saturday will; be the first official drag race (on a sanctioned and timed NHRA track)

Bike is a '03 Z1000 with a couple light mods.

Times will get posted monday and ill post a timeslip or two within a few days after when i get em scanned.
scott, little confused, have you dragraced on any track before or just not at this particular track....

the drag strip is going to be a lot stickier than the street, so just be prepared...lower your rear tire pressure to 24 to start, and let that big boy pull you out of the hole...bring the revs up to 4-5,000 and just slip the clutch a little and get it to the stops as quick as you can..let that big motor do the work......

best way to get use to a drag strip is just to take off easy the first time and hammer it and run it thought the gears, that will give u a feel for the track, then you can bring up the revs and try a harder launch...your looking for a 1.8 or better 60 foot time...the whole race is in the first 60 feet...

also what is the magazines times for the z1000...that will give u something to shoot for..

good luck and have a blast....

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