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WAY EASY.... i dumped my 500 in the first 6 monthes riding at 5mph and got a bigger cut then that. But mine wasnt my fault... stupid car driver cut me off and put me in the dirt. I woulda stopped but i only had my permit and wasnt with other riders (like required) I only had on a tshirt cuz it was hot as hell and i had just stated rding... i was glad though cuz i woulda ruined my jacket if i had it on.. for a slow spill id rahter get scars/stiches then ruin a good jacket. Call it dumb or cheap... but i cna deal with pain no problem, buying a new jacket i cant afford is worse......however at 20+MPH i cna only imagine the pain without one... i couple deep gashes in the arm u dont evne notice....unless your in the shower the next day.
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