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Originally Posted by
TON of really bad information here.

#1 - Bernie's comment about Danika is humor taken out of context - it's half of what he said. Bernie has been a long time supporter of Danika, personally and professionally.

#2: Michelin and their teams are the cause of the whole thing. NOT the FIA. The FIA simply enforced their rules. Period. Which they should have. If it had been a Bridgestone problem (as han been the case several times this year), you would have seen 7 Michelin teams saying "Sorry for your luck, see you in France".

Michelin had the same belt separation problem last year - this is what caused Ralph to hit the wall and be seriously injured, missing several races. Even with this, they chose NOT to send anyone to the pre-USGP tire selection test, except for two third string drivers from two teams. They had an opportunity to test and change their tire design. They chose not to.

They showed up with tires that could not go the race distance. They flew in the SAME tires, thinking the ones they had were a bad batch - at 5am Sunday they told the teams the new tires would have the same problem.

Think about this for a minute - you show up at a race track, qualify, then ask that the sanctioning body change the race track to suit your needs. And you expect this to happen?? When the other tire company has no such problem??

*** The FIA told Michelin in a letter that they could pit their cars and change tires throughout the race in the name of safety. Michelin and their teams declined this option and boycotted the race ***.

So ... They brought the wrong tires (because they didn't test), and were given a safety option that wouldn't make them competative (against Bridgestone who did bring the right tires), so they stomped their feet and held their breath, then picked up their toys and went home.

Screw Michelin. It was a terrible day all around, but I applaud the FIA for not bending to a manufacturer trying to dictate the rules. Michelin did have options, just not the ones they wanted.

Just my opinion, of course
- Roach
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