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12-15-2004 09:00 PM
twisty My dad is a funny guy, I would have tried to split but the cops were every where. In florida you get arrested for just watching a drag race.
12-15-2004 06:32 PM
2Fast4U Yeah, thats what Im talking about !!! But the whole weed thing, yeah, my dad gave me the lecture from hell, then kicked my a$$ !! definately not fun !!

drag racing? yeah, ive done it too..I was able to evade cops most of the times though, but then they got one of my buddies and he fessed up and gave them my address ..yeah my parents were none to happy to find 2 cops at the front door ! Fortunately, I got a warning that time, and grounded for what seemed an eternity. But after that well, I was right back at it..just did it alittle less, and moved around alot.
12-15-2004 06:20 PM
twisty Well lets see. When I was 15 I rode my bike off my parents house. I suffered a pretty bad back injury.

I got caught smoking weed by my dad. I was at a car show "I use to own hot rods" He walked in the bathroom and saw me with my buddies. He acted like nothing was wrong and asked me and buddies if he could get a hit..

I got arrested @ 17 for drag racing my dads 65 nova. I went to "big persons jail" as the cop told me. The cops raided our racing spot " Kinda like in the movies" and there was no where to go. That's far the worst, when inpounded the car it got little dent. Not big deal right? My dad just put a $10K paint job it. I got my a$$ kicked.
12-15-2004 06:10 PM
2Fast4U Yeah twisty, I wouldnt hearing what kinda trouble you got yourself into! If you're anything like've tried anything and everything, if for no other reason than just to say that you did it atleast once !

The first time my parents caught me with a pack of smokes, they about went throught the roof. Even though my dad was a smoker at the time as well. I got the whole, learn from my mistakes speech a hundred times in a row I think !!! and the dissapointed, you're better than that speech from my mom ! That seemed to be a regular occurence at my house back in the day.
12-15-2004 04:56 PM
Captain Morgan
Originally Posted by twisty
No No I have got in some interesting situations....
Details are requested just as much as knee down pics are requested from other people.

My mom and step-dad were really cool. They told me that no matter what happened, to call if I needed a ride. I was at a party one night with a keg and who knows how many ounces. I drank up and smoked up. Unfortunately, I had to be at work at 7 am. I called my step-dad at 3 in the morning and he came out and picked me up. He wasn't mad until I told him there was still a huge bag sitting on the table. Then he was mad because I didn't grab any of it for him.
12-15-2004 03:29 PM
twisty No No I have got in some interesting situations....
12-15-2004 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by Pippi
I can't imagine thats all a bad boy like you got caught for?
No doubt - fess up Twisty!

Me - where do I start? The beer mafia? Denied all charges and never got busted. Sneaking the car out when I was 13? Denied all charges and was caught 3 years later by my snitch of a friend who is now going to be my best man - lol.. Smoking? Sure I was smoked out plenty of times and crawled up the stairs, etc. My best one was this:

When I was 16 I told my parents that when I turned 17 I would move out and I did. So when I turned 18 the day of my birthday I started drinking at 6:30 in the morning. I drank and drank and drank and drank. I don't remember anything past 6:45am.. lol.. So I lived in my own house but for some reason the next morning at 6am - 24 hours later - I woke up hungover as a beotch with my dog licking me on my parent's front yard with my car parked sideways (I had pulled up on the lawn sideways and locked up the brakes - doh!) and about a spit left in a gallon Jack Daniel's bottle - the dog was licking me because my Mom let her out to see wtf was going on - I went to the wrong house! Talk about busted red handed! Doh! Of course I didn't live there anyways so I said tell Dad I will be back to fix the lawn and left. lol..

Hopefully the evil gene skips a generation or I am in deep **** when my kids get olders because I was BAD BAD BAD with a capital B...
12-15-2004 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by twisty
Did your parents every catch in a emerassing situation. Like smoking or playing with yourself?

I got making smores in my room, and my mom thought I was smoking.
I can't imagine thats all a bad boy like you got caught for?
12-15-2004 11:28 AM
Pippi First time I got drunk on Southern Comfort in high school, making out with my boyfriend in the car, the next thing I know there is a cop with a flashlight looking in the window (thankfully didnt find the So Co bottle). So while he was yellling at me "how would your parents like it if I brought you home in this cop car and told them what you were doing" lecture took forever, he let us go ~ however that made me late for my curfew (from a "car" date none the less), then while my mom was bitching at me for being late I puked right in front of her. I was grounded for months.

12-14-2004 07:47 PM
Gas Man Nope not me!!

I was a good boy!!

12-14-2004 02:30 PM
Need4Speed My parents found a pack of smokes once, they came to me, and I told them they were my friends from work, who I took home the night before..which I actually did take him home, but...well u know..

Then a few weeks later, they found a cold 6 pack under my bed, that I had gotten from a buddy at work..they never said anything to me, but when i came home from work and wanted one, I found the bucket of ice was empty and the beer was gone.
12-14-2004 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by bumblebee
and you have 3 boys (age is not an issue here) to you are paying for being a bad girl. Were you on Santa's naughty list??
Yep and I am being paid back majorly... I was on the naughty list every year! (still am)
12-14-2004 01:49 PM
bumblebee and you have 3 boys (age is not an issue here) to you are paying for being a bad girl. Were you on Santa's naughty list??
12-14-2004 01:48 PM
Captain Morgan Smoking? No, never got caught. My parents must have thought they smoked most of it themselves, because they never said anything about any of it missing.
12-14-2004 01:42 PM
3BoyzNaBike Hmmm when I was 13 I got busted by my dad for trying to get beer. Did the whole "dad going to the mall can you spot me 10 for some food" Arrived at the party house, gave up the money for the "dimebag" (yes I said dimebag because that is what I was really getting but whoever the @$$ is that snitched on me told him I was trying to get beer so I left it at that) 10 mins later some friends and I were walking down the alley awaiting the return of our goodies and here comes my dad rolling up looking PIII$$ed!! I knew then I was busted! Told me to get my @r$e in the car and I was grounded for 6 months. Till this day I have no clue who called on me but I did fess up to my dad as to what was really going on!( like 10 years later) I was a bad kid!
12-14-2004 01:25 PM
Pigface1 When I was in college my Dad came into town. . I was expecting him later. He called and said he's there, and I said I'll be over after a while to pick him up to go to dinner.

We'd just got done having a massive smoke session in my room. I had my 3 footer sitting out, Jimi Hendrix blaring "If 6 was 9," and I was ironing a shirt, completely blown out. So, I hear a knock on the door and I figure it's a buddy coming back to get his lighter. When I opened it up it was my Dad.

There was nothing else to do other than invite him in and turn the stereo down. . "How was your flight?"

The bong and bag were sitting there plain as day and I never ironed a shirt so fast in my life. He never said a word about it. . I'd told him before that I smoked for the simple fact that I didn't feel like hiding it. I just don't think he was expecting a 3 footer sitting there. lmao That was 11 years ago. . **** I'm getting old.
12-14-2004 12:51 PM
When you were little....

Did your parents every catch in a emerassing situation. Like smoking or playing with yourself?

I got making smores in my room, and my mom thought I was smoking.

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