Polls [Archive] - TwoWheelForum: Motorcycle and Sportbike forums


  1. Will you spend your rebate check?
  2. Do you have a motorcycle resolution?
  3. Did you get MC related items for the holidays?
  4. Are you asking for MC related stuff for the Holidays?
  5. Do you Winterize or Winter Ride?
  6. Are you buying a TWF calendar?
  7. How hot is too hot?
  8. What is the maximum you'd be willing to pay for a TWF shirt?
  9. Give us your opinion on TWF product reviews
  10. What draws you to TWF?
  11. Would you like to see a motocross forum?
  12. What kind of bikes do you own?
  13. When do you intend to purchase your next mod?
  14. Which is worse, the heat or the gas prices?!
  15. Are you a knee dragger?
  16. Will you attend the Bike Fest at Carlisle?
  17. Do you prefer to ride during the day or at night?
  18. What would like to see TWF do more reviews of?
  19. Have you ever wrecked or crashed?
  20. Is your motorcycle transportation or for fun?
  21. Has your bike emerged from winter hibernation?
  22. Do you perform maintenance on your bike(s)?
  23. How did you find us?
  24. Are you planning on buying TWF gear?
  25. Is your bike winterized?
  26. How do you feel about the Bostrom swap in AMA?
  27. Stock or modded?
  28. When it comes to sportbikes, are you brand loyal?
  29. Do you think rising gas prices will increase sales in motorcycles?
  30. Gas prices
  31. How often do you update your gear?
  32. Does the summmer weather change your riding habits?
  33. Have you ever crashed your bike?
  34. Do you ride with earplugs?
  35. Who owns your bike(s)?
  36. Will you be buying another sportbike this year?
  37. Who do you think will be victorious at Barber
  38. What/how much gear do you wear when you ride?
  39. What do you think of the new front page?
  40. Sport-Tourers: Pick your fav