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Used parts available from my 6,600 mile blown motor '01 GSXR600. These were used on the street, not from a race bike, and I always do my best to honestly and accurately describe condition so there are no disappointments.
1.) front end fork assembly: includes fork legs, triple clamps, axle, lower bearings, fasteners, steering damper. Not just "eyeballed straight", but verified within specs with machinist's V blocks and dial guage. No stripped threads, no pits or scratches on sliders, both fork seals good, silver paint on legs excellent. Ignition lock removed. $250.
2.) front brake rotors: no warps, bends, scratches, or heat discoloration. Carriers have no gouges or hacks. Immaculate. Used on the street not raced, will fit most GSXR600/750/1000 ,Hayabusa, Bandit. $150pr.
3.) stock handlebars: no bends, gouges, or road rash on ends- straight. $60pr
4.) gauge set: 6,6XX miles, no damage to lens or case. $100
5.) rear wheel: straight, no pothole dings, white, immaculately clean. Bare no tire, good wheel bearings. $100
6.) front brake master cylinder assembly with lever: no damage, clean and dry. Fits many GSXRs, Hayabusas, Bandits, etc. $50
7.) right side (rear brake) foot controls: no damage, with heel guard, pedal, bracket, etc. $50
8.) ignition switch with key: $35
9.) switchgear: both sides. $35 each
10.)tailight assembly: no damage: $30
11.) headlight with bulbs: does have a missing piece on back case, two mounting tabs gone but will mount up and be functional. $60

Pictures available of everything to verify condition. Buyer to pay shipping costs from Chicago, IL area.
Please contact me directly at: [email protected]

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Gixxer stuff available

Wow, thanks for the nice welcome guys. I found this place linked somewhere else, but looks like I'll be back for sure, and not just to sell stuff. :twfrox:

I've been into sportbikes since the late 70's, and might just occasionally inflict my experience and opinions on you young dogs!

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jeeps84 said:
Bring it! :dthumb:
Some of these kids need all the help they can get. I'm not all that old my self but ,they sure can make you feel that way some times. :lol:
:withstupi In this sport you always find a good # of young guys.
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