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01 f4i under tail for sale

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01 f4i white undertail w/clear tail light good shape $80.00 or best offer will get pics up as soon as possible

P.M. STANDY for info since it is his or me i check here more often thanks

located in the Royal Oak area (Mi.)
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I still have it. Not many scratches at all...just picture nrmal wear on an undertail. It gets hit with road debris, but nothing major. Would look great on a nice, clean bike. I don't have directions or hardware to secure it to the bike, but as far as I remember, it uses the original push clips on the tail. The wires are on the lights themselves, but you'll have to tie them into your stock wiring. I will sell it for $75 shipped. If you're interested, email me at: [email protected], or PM hinks. Thanks.
Yup, I messed up on that one. I was on vacation, my paypal account wasn't set up, and so on. I figured that at least most people that ride have some respect for one another, but there are always a few that don't know the meaning of integrity. Its my own fault, but I can't understand how someone can sleep at night knowing that they shafted someone who went out of their way to help them. He is a police officer in Key West, FL. I'll send the Chief of police there an email telling him/her that one of the very people protecting the city from criminals just happens to be one- A theif. lol
Gas Man said:
If nothing else... just wait on CHARMA!!!
that's what I was thinking. I sent him a written letter today....if he blows me off again, I will just call his department. It was only $75, but that's not the point. If I give respect, I expect to get it back.
Well, now I am here to clear Bigdog67's name. I have recieved payment as of today, along with a letter of apology. It seems he had some family issues, as well as computer problems. I don't want everyone to go on thinking he is a deadbeat. I do not condone taking weeks or months to produce payment or goods, but I cannot say that I have never had someting come up to hinder a transaction. As of now, he is in good standing with me. Thanks to everyone who replied! :pat:
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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