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'01 GSX750F Katana (mass)

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Mettalic Olive Silver, 13,000 miles all stock except a few comsmetic things. Never dropped or crashed. I'm asking $3800 to a good/deserving owner. I'm in no rush to sell and will wait. Willing to deliver around N.E. Please email me w/any questions.
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Damn..Bikes looks great. Have you thought of posting it on E-Bay.
I think it is for security reasons. There I think is a one time charge if you are not using a Pay Pal accout but I could be wrong. But I do think that the fee is $5. Other then that I do beleive there is a fee for posting it and it depends on the item you are listing and the price it is selling for. I could look into it for you if you like. :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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