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'01 GSX750F Katana (mass)

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Mettalic Olive Silver, 13,000 miles all stock except a few comsmetic things. Never dropped or crashed. I'm asking $3800 to a good/deserving owner. I'm in no rush to sell and will wait. Willing to deliver around N.E. Please email me w/any questions.
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Yeah, but wasn't quite clear of why they needed all my bank and/or credit card info. Like I said i'm not pushing the issue hard. But if you know anyone show 'em the way.
Not a corbin seat but very comfortable. The markings on the lower fairings is kanji for RESPECT, for all the katana haters out there. I would be up for a road trip any time. As long as I have the bike, i'll ride her.
Charlie, huh, sounds like a front. LOL JK. Well nice to meet ya and welcome to TWF. If you or hubby have any particular questions email me [email protected]
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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