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01 Hayabusa

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Hello Guys
I need help so thought i would ask here. I'm building a trike and have a 01 Hayabusa complete front end i want to use. Can anyone tell me if the Hayabusa frame has a steel neck inside the casting of the frame or is it just part of the casting
I need to have a steel neck made but don't know how long it should be I have a set of bearings to send to the guys thats going to make it . But with the seals and bearing i want to be sure the neck he makes will work. I will be welding it to a homemade trike frame. Thanks for any help you may offer .God Bless Buddy in Jax Fl
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There's nothing steel in a Hayabusa frame. The steering head is just cast alumininum. The steering stem is part of the triple tree (it's pressed into the bottom triple clamp). There's no sleeve where the stem goes in. There's just top and bottom bearings pressed into the steering head.

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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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