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So I'm a Honda guy. I have hondas, my girl has a honda. HONDA HONDA. My buddy has a gixxer and wanted help denting his tank, then removing it for paint...

denting no problem, but removal?? wtf. the main fuel line instead of having nuts/bolts, has a plastic clip like electrical connector. I didnt want to break it, having never seen it before, so what is the proper way to disconnect that and take the tank off?

we first took of the top 2 by the tripple. then removed battery, and started taking out the bottom 4. could only remove 2 of them b/c we couldnt lift the tank enough to get at the bottom 2. So now we need to disconnect fuel pump so the tank will come up more????

please help me!:cry: gotta get this done today for the paint guy!

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At the black plastic connector. There is metal piece in it. Kind'of like a washer with part of the edge bent over. Pull outward on the flat part to unlock the connection. Then pull the whole line straight off.

When you put it back on. Just slip the line back up all the way. Its a bit stiff at first then it will just pop on. Push the flat part of the lock clip back into place. Turn the key on to pressurize the system to check for leaks before bolting the tank back on.
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