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'03 Ninja 500 R Tires

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I'm wondering what brand and sizes of tires anyone else may be using on a Ninja 500 R. The specs are for 130/70 rear and a 110/70 front, they seem a little hard to find. :sob: :moped: The bike will be used as a starter track and street bike.

Any help will be appreciated.
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my 91 500 has smaller tires then the 97+ or whatever it is, so i went to 130 rear and a 120 front... Seems to work well, i dont use that for a twisty bike its a commuter so the bigger tire should last longer and its more stable to go striaght....Got my Z1000 for twisty and stuff and 500 cuz insurance is less for a year then my monthly truck it can go 220mi on a tnak with it modded....My Z1000 would be 80mi back with an empty the 500...keep it stock..i htink u cant go bigger unless the newer ones have bigger fenders.. cuz i know i went as big as i could on the 500 and thatso nly going to 97+ model rear and 10mm wider front
My 500 has Battleax BT 45's.. listed as sport touring, fairly hard, but for a new rider...shes not gonna be leaingn a 500R to the edge.... Long as she rides in dry weather, they grip as far as i feel comfy on the 500 doing. Tire will last ya at least 8K too if not a lot longer, ive had em on mine for over a year and they arent worn at all, but that bike has only seen about 2K mi or so since the tire change, all the miles on on my 1000.
But its a good starter bike and tires are cheap compared to pure sport..
Cant go wrong with BT45s.. but u might wanna actually go like BT20's if u want more grip... Wont last as long, but safe comes beofre wear and tear and cost.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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