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04 GSXR 600 Maintenance?

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Hey guys. I lost my book with the maintenance schedule. I have a 2004 GSXR 600, I already had the break in service so is the next one at 5,000 miles? Also do I need to change my oil every 3,000 or is it like a synthetic that I can change at service? Thanks for the help guys
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gixxer11784 said:
Yeah I already did break in service at 600 miles. I meant the next service. I believe it is at 5,000. Man some guy at the honda place told me to lubricate my chaine ever few times I ride, is that true? I was only buying some cleaning products at the honda place because it is closer lol.

Does he or you ride almost 1000 miles ever few rides?? If so...then yes. But if your only putting on a few miles here and there..then no. Just wait till you ride around 1000 miles or so and then grease it up. And like Twisty said, wipe off the excess.

Its fine that you bought Honda cleaning products. Atleast your getting stuff to clean it with. Everyone has there own thoughts on what is best to clean with. Theres a thread in here about it if you do a search for it. You will see all of our answers and a few of them are different and some are the same. So just use what you like to use or have had a good experience with. :dthumb:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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