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05/06 Sportbike Comfort

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Over the weekend I stopped by a motorcycle shop in Maryland to make sure I can fit on a 1000cc bike, and test the comfort of a few different models.

First I sat on a 2006 GSXR 1000. I think this bike really felt great. I had a nice posture on the bike and I could touch the ground...remember I am only 5'6" or so and only weigh a buck twenty or so. However when I went to get off the Gixxer 1000 my right foot kicked the tail section. I sat back on the bike and tried it again...felt really good...once again I kicked that tail section. It appears that tail section sits up too high.

Next I sat on a 2005 YZF-R1. This bike felt really nice however I was sprawed out a lot more on this compared to the GSXR1000. The gas tank is a lot longer on the R1 vs the GSXR1000. I think I could deal with it. I didn't kick anything when I got on or off of the R1.

Next I sat on a 2006 GSXR 600. I don't know why but this bike's seat height felt so much taller than both of the 1000's. The bike almost felt the same as the GSXR-1000 but just taller. I was almost affraid to put the bike back down on the kickstand! I thought I was going to drop it and cause a domino effect on the other bikes in the row. I stayed off that one for the rest of the time.

Next I jumped on a 2005 CBR F4i....well this bike felt light, and I didn't like the posture at all, so I got off that one. No intrest there.

Next I jumped on a 2005 Kawi ZX10R...Way to big and bulky of a bike!!!

I think it came down to the 2005 R1 or 2006 Gixxer 1000. I am still planning on going with the 03 R1. Although I know the bike is a bit heavier than the 05 the seat height is the same so I should be ok. I wouldn't mind lowering the bike maybe a 1/2" at most so I could be flat foot. Maybe I would be able to adjust that much with the suspension.

We'll see as this year wraps up.
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Um..... yeah... didn't we already tell you that if you don't take that deal on the 03 we were going to send big man N4S down there to kick your arse? I know we did!! :wtf: are you doing... give that guy a deposit before he wisens up! :D
Alot of people can make custom lowering links...its not that hard.... you could do it with a drill press!
Then all you need to do is get the bike, get some stainless steel plate, cut to size, and drill the appropriate holes..... bang you got it!

I have seen a few guys do it this way!
Hey SV... here's another R1 FS...

2003 Yamaha R1 Limited Edition For Sale. Black with Red Flames.
Only 1,500 miles. Original owner never dropped. Wife has been pregnant last 2 summers and i've had no time to ride. Must see to really appreciate. $8,500 Firm.
Here it's in Michigan and posted on another Michigan sportbike club site.

Just another option... I think the other R1 you have been looking at might be a better deal, but if you need me to go look at this one, let me know.
Yeah that maybe but I'm looking out for ya!
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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