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05/06 Sportbike Comfort

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Over the weekend I stopped by a motorcycle shop in Maryland to make sure I can fit on a 1000cc bike, and test the comfort of a few different models.

First I sat on a 2006 GSXR 1000. I think this bike really felt great. I had a nice posture on the bike and I could touch the ground...remember I am only 5'6" or so and only weigh a buck twenty or so. However when I went to get off the Gixxer 1000 my right foot kicked the tail section. I sat back on the bike and tried it again...felt really good...once again I kicked that tail section. It appears that tail section sits up too high.

Next I sat on a 2005 YZF-R1. This bike felt really nice however I was sprawed out a lot more on this compared to the GSXR1000. The gas tank is a lot longer on the R1 vs the GSXR1000. I think I could deal with it. I didn't kick anything when I got on or off of the R1.

Next I sat on a 2006 GSXR 600. I don't know why but this bike's seat height felt so much taller than both of the 1000's. The bike almost felt the same as the GSXR-1000 but just taller. I was almost affraid to put the bike back down on the kickstand! I thought I was going to drop it and cause a domino effect on the other bikes in the row. I stayed off that one for the rest of the time.

Next I jumped on a 2005 CBR F4i....well this bike felt light, and I didn't like the posture at all, so I got off that one. No intrest there.

Next I jumped on a 2005 Kawi ZX10R...Way to big and bulky of a bike!!!

I think it came down to the 2005 R1 or 2006 Gixxer 1000. I am still planning on going with the 03 R1. Although I know the bike is a bit heavier than the 05 the seat height is the same so I should be ok. I wouldn't mind lowering the bike maybe a 1/2" at most so I could be flat foot. Maybe I would be able to adjust that much with the suspension.

We'll see as this year wraps up.
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Its not that the new Gixxer is to tall at the tail. you kicked it because its so damn wide. I have the same problem.

If you go with the Yamer. It will do it good to be lowered a little in the front for a little guy like you. They need all the weight on the front tire they can get.
SVupON1 said:
wouldn't I want to lower the rear end? or both front and rear?
It wouldn't hurt to lower just the front a little on either bikes. If you fell you need more, you will have to shave the seat and or lower the rear also. I think most lowering links are minimal 1 inch. not real sure on that. You could always get a set made pretty cheap.
Chuckademus said:
Be careful lowering front or rear. Make sure you take the Rake/trail into account, and try to adjust both to keep the rake/trail about the same. Depending on how hard you ride, it can turn your sweet handling bike into a dangerously unsteerable piece of shi'ite.

I've just been through all this with the project bike. If you don't get the geometry right, it's all a waste of time!!

:luck: :dthumb:

:iagree: but, SV is a very little guy that will put little weight on the bars.
Every R1 owner I know has dropped the front 10mm or more. Most the Gixxer riders seam to be replacing rear spring for stronger. These are track guys and racers.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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