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05 GSXR 600 20th anniversary

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I have an 05 gixxer 600 20th anniv. It only has 965 miles barely broken in. Bike has never been mistreated never even been over the speed limit. Nor has it been laid down. Bike is being sold with helmet and seat cowl. I purchased this bike with the 5 year warranty and the gap insurance. I am just asking someone to assume my loan or just buy the bike from me. I am having some trouble with my mortgage company and I need to get this off my credit. I owe right at 12 for this bike. The bike is located in Georgia. Willing to deliver if I have to. I only have a few pictures from my phone. More will be posted when I get my friend's dig camera. You can reach me at my email [email protected], or aim: nrutas retipuj or msn: [email protected]. At any rate, thanks for looking.

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jeeps84 said:
:welcome: astrogameguy
:yikes: 12 G"s for a 6ixxer. You need to get the early pay off. It will be minus all the interest and other stuff. It has to be much lower.
first off :welcome: astrogameguy :twfrox:

Second Sweet looking bike.

Third: is the anniversary goes for a little more...and the bike only has 965 he musta have just bought it, and with no or little money down.
jeeps84 said:
That bike went for like 8 G's or less new on the floor.
I'm not saying any more. :leaving:
ahh you're right. He must have a high intrest rate and the gap insurance must have been you mentioned earlier. :sorry: jeeps :bowdown:

Straight from Suzuki's website:
2005 GSX-R600 20th Anniversary
MSRP: $8,599.00
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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