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05 tokyo show VMAX

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October 24 2005
Yamaha unveils V-Max
Yamaha has unveiled a preview version of how the new V-Max will look at the Tokyo Motor show.
The firm says the bike displayed on the stand is just an impression of how the new V-Max will look but MCN has learnt that it is pretty close to the finished thing.
The frame, suspension and engine are all real and part of a proper prototype for the V-Max, while the cosmetics, although work from solid metal on the display bike, are thought to be very similar to how they will be on the final bike.
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Gas Man said:
Looks like they're removing the cruiser elements and going more for a street fighter look.

The VMax has always been a good bike!

But where is a cushy seat... I don't want to sit on that plastic/fiber crap!
:withstupi You know they will make a better seat. Cant forget about the passenger either.
I'm still curious of how the lights and seat will look on production models.:scratch:
pickle.of.doom said:
Still just the concept bike.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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