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05 Yamaha Raven R6!!!

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If anyone is interested in a 05 Yamaha r6 (raven), they can take over the payments. I bought the bike about a month and a half ago brand new. It has 2000 miles. Reason for selling is becuase I want to get a bigger bike. If someone want to trade then I rather do that because I want a honda cbr1000 or a 05 yamaha r1 (raven). I know it won't be an even trade but if anyone is interested we can negotiate. PM me for more info. Oh yeah, the bike has never been drop,dump, or crash, it's clean! I'll post the pics probably tomorrow or in a couple of days.
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*Any* 1000cc bike is difficult to ride except in a straight line. When you're managing 160+ hp at the rear whlie leaned over and trying to get the bike on the throttle and out of the corner ... it's a bit of a handfull. You couldn't pay me enough to try and race one.

Most street riders, however, don't get that ... they park corners, stand bike up, then pull trigger :)

- Roach
I beg to differ, the RC51 is 1000cc, track bike. If I could only ride the bike to its potential it would be a great track whore! said:
I'm trying to figure out what you're begging to differ with?

If you can't ride the bike to its potential ... perhaps that's because it's difficult to do so? Perhaps more difficult than a lighter bike making less power? :D

- Roach

I'm begging to differ with your Any* 1000cc bike is difficult to ride except in a straight line. Not being able to ride the bike to its full potential has nothing to do with it being too difficult for me to handle. I am just not a top notch rider, or maybe I just suck. But Hayden seems to have done well racing the RC. I think to say they are difficult to ride except in a straight line is rather ignorant. Its more the rider than the bike. Perhaps YOU cannot handle a 1000 cc at the track or it would be difficult, but many others would have no issue. I often hear that I should take my RC to the track becasue they are a little whore out there.
I think thats the nice advantage of the RC. Being a twin it does not have that same crazy lurtch coming out of a corner and getting on the gas. At Deals gap many saw its difficult because coming out of a tight turn and into another one the inline 4's lurtch in the lower gears. With my RC I can go into the tight corners in the one gear, yet have that Vtwin smooth pull coming out as well. I guess its comparing apples and oranges since the RC is a twin and "triggers" differently out of corners.

But I dont and probably wont take the RC to the track. The wife bought me the bike and prefers I dont. Plus its pretty damn expensive to get into the sport of racing. Affraid of the cocaine addiction, so figure I would steer clear and leave it to the other peeps. said:
Cocaine would be cheaper. And I'd get a LOT more done around the house :D

- Roach

Cheaper??? Not when your snorting it off the strippers a$$. LOL Oops Did I just say that? :lol: :flush:

So, Yeah, back to the R6 for sale! :jacked:
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