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05 Yamaha Raven R6!!!

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If anyone is interested in a 05 Yamaha r6 (raven), they can take over the payments. I bought the bike about a month and a half ago brand new. It has 2000 miles. Reason for selling is becuase I want to get a bigger bike. If someone want to trade then I rather do that because I want a honda cbr1000 or a 05 yamaha r1 (raven). I know it won't be an even trade but if anyone is interested we can negotiate. PM me for more info. Oh yeah, the bike has never been drop,dump, or crash, it's clean! I'll post the pics probably tomorrow or in a couple of days.
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beanz said:
That new r1 is pretty hard to ride on the track compared to my r6.

I only saw 2 04+ r1's at the track before and all of those guys were poserific slow
*Any* 1000cc bike is difficult to ride except in a straight line. When you're managing 160+ hp at the rear whlie leaned over and trying to get the bike on the throttle and out of the corner ... it's a bit of a handfull. You couldn't pay me enough to try and race one.

Most street riders, however, don't get that ... they park corners, stand bike up, then pull trigger :)

- Roach
Ace said:
I beg to differ, the RC51 is 1000cc, track bike. If I could only ride the bike to its potential it would be a great track whore!
I'm trying to figure out what you're begging to differ with?

If you can't ride the bike to its potential ... perhaps that's because it's difficult to do so? Perhaps more difficult than a lighter bike making less power? :D

- Roach
Ace said:
I'm begging to differ with your Any* 1000cc bike is difficult to ride except in a straight line.
I think you're missing what I was saying. The word "difficult" doesn't mean impossible, and "most" doesn't mean all. Obviously there are a few people who race big bikes, and others who ride them well on the street.

The poster above commented that he's seen guys on track days going slow on big bikes. I have as well. A lot. That's what I was replying to.

Maybe I should have clarified the statement saying that any 1000cc bike is difficult to ride fast other than in a straight line? Having ridden one, I can say it is very much more difficult to manage 160hp coming out of a corner than it is 100hp if you're trying to go fast. You have to be much more careful on the throttle and get the bike up on the tire as fast as you can.

There's nothing wrong with not trying to ride a motorcycle like that ... and as I said, most street riders don't try - they wait until the bike is straight up and down then pull the trigger - which is the safest thing they can be doing.

- Roach
Ace said:
Affraid of the cocaine addiction, so figure I would steer clear and leave it to the other peeps.
Cocaine would be cheaper. And I'd get a LOT more done around the house :D

- Roach
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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