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05 Yamaha Raven R6!!!

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If anyone is interested in a 05 Yamaha r6 (raven), they can take over the payments. I bought the bike about a month and a half ago brand new. It has 2000 miles. Reason for selling is becuase I want to get a bigger bike. If someone want to trade then I rather do that because I want a honda cbr1000 or a 05 yamaha r1 (raven). I know it won't be an even trade but if anyone is interested we can negotiate. PM me for more info. Oh yeah, the bike has never been drop,dump, or crash, it's clean! I'll post the pics probably tomorrow or in a couple of days.
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Ace said:
Cheaper??? Not when your snorting it off the strippers a$$. LOL Oops Did I just say that? :lol: :flush:

So, Yeah, back to the R6 for sale! :jacked:
i think he gave up on this thread. Besides, if anyone was serious they'd proly PM hi a$$.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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