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05 Zx-6r

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all i can say it WOW

And check it out, undertail exhaust makes it to Kawasaki (bout bloody time)

Kawasaki’s ZX-6R has been a strong performer for the brand over more than a decade now. The model scored a complete redesign in 2003 and for 2005 the green brigade are again coming out in force with a heavily revised ZX-6R and ZX-6RR.

The most obvious change is the move to bodywork resembling that of the ZX-10R. But Kawasaki are claiming aerodynamic improvements with the updated styling and state that the new machine is the most aerodynamically efficient motorcycle they have ever made. Kawasaki have also followed the trend of fitting an underseat muffler to their supersport machine.

In the engine room Kawasaki engineers have also been working hard with a new cylinder block and head. New oval shaped 38mm throttle bodies feature two injectors per cylinder and Kawasaki claim their new shape throttle bodies free up room while also increasing airflow. In the new cylinder head reside larger intake and exhaust valves which are actuated by new camshafts. The limited production ZX-6RR race machine scores revised intake ports which are polished by the factory and combine with a new combustion chamber design and larger exhaust valves. New pistons swing off a new crankshaft which features larger main journals. A thicker crankcase design has followed Suzuki’s lead with breathing passages milled in to their design to help realise lower crankcase pressures. Other detail changes include revised mountings for the oil filter and new aluminium oil cooler. The oil pump drive ratio has been revised and now draws from a deeper sump.

The gearbox has also come in for attention on both models with stronger internals. The ZX-6R scores a taller third gear while the track destined ZX-6RR now ships with ratios similar to that only seen before in the racing kit gearbox.

Both models feature an upgraded engine management system to control the second set of injectors and also to actuate the new back pressure valve in the exhaust system. Both are equipped with a back torque limiting wet clutch.

The new matt black aluminium frame offers a shortened wheelbase with a longer braced aluminium swingarm now pivoting further forward in the machine which now rolls on a slightly reduced wheelbase.

Showa supply the fully adjustable rear shock while a revised Uni-Trak linkage promises to provide a more linear transition through the stroke of the rear suspension. The 41mm upside-down forks score a trick new surface coating to reduce stiction. On the race inspired ZX-6RR this coating is also applied to internal surfaces of the sliders.

We have seen the radially mounted brake calipers before on this model while the disc rotors have now grown to 300mm in diameter and are of the trick new petal design normally only seen on race bikes. The front master cylinder has also been improved which will be a great relief to racers loyal to the Kawasaki brand. The rear disc now mounts directly on the swingarm.

The previous machines had three-spoke wheels but the new machine arrives with six-spoke rims shod with a 120/65ZR17 at the front and 180/55ZR17 at the rear.

Ergonomics have also changed with the bar to footpeg distance reduced to closely resemble the performance based riding position seen on the ZX-10R open class superbike.

SPECS - 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R and (ZX-6RR)

Engine: 636cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, in-line, four-cylinder (599cc on the ZX-6RR)

Bore x Stroke: 68 x 43.8mm (67 x 42.5mm on the ZX-6RR)

Compression: 12.9:1 (13.5:1 on the ZX-6RR)

Induction: EFI with 4 x 38mm oval throttle bodies

Starter: Electric

Transmission: Six speed with back torque limiting clutch

Final Drive: Chain

Fuel Capacity: 17 litres

Tyres: Front _ 120/65ZR17; Rear _ 180/55ZR17

Suspension: Front _ Fully adjustable 41mm inverted telescopic forks; Rear _ Fully adjustable single Showa shock

Brakes: Front _ 300mm discs, radial mounted four-piston calipers; Rear _ 220mm single disc

Price: TBA

Warranty: Two years, unlimited kilometres

Available: TBC

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Well, I am a noob, and this is my first post, and with that I would like to say that I just ordered this bad boy, and I should be taking delivery within 3 days..once the dang thing arrives. :)

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jeeps84 said:
:welcome: HISSMAN :twfrox:
Congrats :dthumb: even if it is a Kaw! :whistle: :lol:

:thumbs: :cheers:
This seems to be a really great board, and I have been looking. :) I am a moderator on, so I know a good one when I see it. :) :)
Gas Man said:
Hiss that is one AWESOME lookin bike. And you picked the best brand!! Another Kaw rider will help out around here!

Stick around.. you won't find a better national forum anywhere! :twfrox:
Thanks man, it is great to be welcomed. :dthumb:
zx636r said:
Please post some pics of the car.
Ask and you shall receive. :)

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It is now making closer to 470-475 to the rear in HP because I had the timing retarded heavily on that pull because. It was set at 17 degrees at WOT, but now it is at about 22 degrees which is where it needs to be. And the tune is on the concervative side.
Thanks. Now if I can just figure out a way to put as much effort into my bike I will be all set. I think that I am leaning towards the Two Brothers exhaust. But I am having trouble finding a fender eliminator. Most sites that I frequent don't have one for the '05 model, and those that do I just don't like. Any ideas?
VA_ZX-6R said:
I have had mine for a week now. I got the Titanium flat finish. It really draws a lot of attention. This is my first street bike but won't be my last.

I liked the Titanium finish myself, and I almost walked out the door with one. But after seeing the finish in person I remembered how much I like to polish on my toys and get them to really shine. But other than that it is one hell of a color. :dthumb:
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