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I don't have the Blackbird, but I have it's older brother, a 1990 CBR 1000. The Blackbird is lighter, faster, and quicker, but not by much. Mine is scary fast, so the Blackbird must have incredible acceleration. If you want bragging rights, get a 'busa or ZX12, but if you have to ride a long distance to get to the twisties, get the Blackbird.

Myself, I'm too old to put up with the uncomfortable riding position on sport bikes. I work out a lot, so I don't mind tossing a 600 pound bike around twisties, if I can be comfortable while I'm doing it. I've ridden with lots of sport bikes, and if I can't keep up in the corners, I'll catch them on the straights. The Blackbird would be like the Katana on steroids.

The fairing works great (I have a four inch taller ZG screen), especially in winter, but the front suspension needs the Race Tech fix (I may do mine this winter). The Blackbird has the linked brakes, mine doesn't. Some people love the linked brakes and some hate them. I've seen the Blackbird heavily discounted new. I thought about getting one, but that borrrring black paint job would have to go.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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