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120Hp Diesel Motorcycle

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Hey I just got my Sport Rider Mag and there was this interesting article on page 18 that i felt i had to share.

Its called the Star Twin Thunder Star 1200 3 cylinder TDI Deisel Sportbike. It makes 120hp and 250lb/tq.. It only weighes 450lbs wet. Has all the bells and whistles, carbon fiber wheels, kevlar fairings, inverted fork and twin six poston radial mount PFM brake calipers. Kevlar brake lines, and a ducati swingarm. And get this, It gets 150mpg. Its a prototype right now but they are looking to put this into production.

Imagine how wierd the engine will sound, and how fast it will be. It makes all that power at 5500rpm which is insane. Whatta u guys think of it.... I'll try to find pics of it.
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I was just reading this same article. I have it here with me at work. here is the pic of the bike. :dthumb:
And by the way...its 80hp and 165lbs of torque. But if the electronics are remapped, then we get the 120hp and 250 torque. :dthumb:
dubbs said:
yea i know, but whos not gonna re-map it??? They said its really easy to do.

True...I would re-map it too. :dthumb:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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