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As I was riding today, I was on the freeway and was able to get her up to 135+MPH. As I hit this speed I started to feel a little shaking in the front. The handle bars were just a bit shakey. I want to try to max her out before the season is over so i can get a few mods done over winter and come spring see if I can top my old speed. Does this happen to anyone else as well with it shaking at high speeds. I started to feel it at 135 and it stayed the same up a few more mph. Any ideas on this guys?? :confused:
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Gas Man said:
O, and life don't start till you get over 120. As long as we come out, I'll show ya what 185+ looks like!!! My 9R luvs that stuff almost as much as I do!!!

Rookies... :whistle: :D
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