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I went riding last night since it was a wonderful day out and the night was even better. Wasn't cold and the cool crisp air was perfect for riding. While out riding before I meet up with Matt(N4S) I decided to say the hell with it and just open it all up. I am at a rolling start when the light turns and I lay down on the bike and just go. Reaching 130 and then 140 and finially 150. I was felling the wind blow over my back and she was screamin to go faster. Finally reaching 158 and looking forward to the bend in the road I let off the throttle and slow down. God did that feel awsome.

Later Matt comes over and we go out riding. He and I are doing 130's and 140's. Last night was a great night for riding. At one point there was just way to much $hit blowing across the road but didn't stop us. Well, I slowed down a bit to be sure but then picked the speed back up and we were at it again. I am going to dislike having to park her for the winter. But atleast I was able to go out and riding her like she likes to be. :dthumb:
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Gas Man said:
Well, YES & NO!!! The good thing at night is that the cop has no idea what kind or color your bike is. Just keep the speed up or even go faster then duck and hide!!!

At the speeds we were going last night, when we fly past him all he would have seen was a blur. And oh yes, I would have opened her up even more if a cop would have came out of no where. :D
Need4Speed750 said:
its alot of fun at night, but you do have to keep an extra eye out for hidden cops and animals, more so than during the day

That was they only thing that was going throught my head was a small animal or a deer. I already had in my head what I was going to do if I saw a deer. Opne the throttle all the way and lay down on the bike and hold on for deer life. LOL Split that beotch right in the middle. :dthumb:
Need4Speed750 said:
yeah that would kinda suck, hittin that at night in the middle of nowhere..LOL

Better hope its a full moon out to be able to see then.

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Need4Speed750 said:
knowing my luck, i'd panic, in the middle of the night, on a the middle of nowhere..see a cop, flip the switch, he ends up not coming after me, and I crash because I couldnt freekin see to flip the switch back on.. :crazy:

Don't worry Matthew, you'd have my tail light to see with. :D :bonk: :lol:
jeeps84 said:
Sound like a challenge to me!!! :wink:

No. We go back and forth all the time. Just depends on how hard we are really wanting to go or how bad we really want to pass the other. We ride to have fun.
Need4Speed750 said:
yeah trust me I know...I do have a leather jacket that I wear when Im riding..I put off getting the jacket now because CJD said santa wanted to get it for me. so i'll have it soon.. :wink:

That sounds like alot of things Santa is bringing for daddy this year. Was he good this year?? LOL :lol:
Santa better do some really good shopping around to get all of that. If not by spring time is all that matters if Santa can't bring all of it at once. :)
pickle.of.doom said:
Careful guys, tickets that big make insurance costs a REAAAAAAAAAAAL bitch :)

Only if they catch us or if we slow down. :lol:
double2000r6 said:
My birthday is coming up too - when is yours? Mine is Nov. 16.

Speed rules. I started the bike today and although it is rainy and cold I so wanted to go hit triple digits...

"What's going on here? Murder - want some?"
In the rain I have never gone over 70mph. oh well. His is the day after yours. Damn hes going to be old. LOL
Gas Man said:
N4S, I know what corner you're talkin about...YIKES!!!

DJ...never over 70 in the rain...While I don't like riding in the rain. I still have to do a reasonable Michigan speed to stop from getting ran over...I've had er to tripple digits in the rain.... Weeeeeeee!!!

Just like to play it safe in the rain. One of the last times I went riding in the rain was the night Carrie was going into labor with Caleb 3 months ago tomorrow. It F-ing poured on my way home. :)
Need4Speed750 said:
riding in the rain is kinda fun if u ask really helps you keep ur focus even more, and its great practice.

if you can kick arse in the rain, imagine what you can do when its dry! :cool:

We have seen what Gas Man can do in the dry weather. :dthumb:
3BoyzNaBike said:
Ummm, I can think of a few other times after that you came home drenched. Weather Channel baby, that's what it's there for!! :wink:

I keep forgetting to watch that. Thanks for the heads up. :dthumb:
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