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I went riding last night since it was a wonderful day out and the night was even better. Wasn't cold and the cool crisp air was perfect for riding. While out riding before I meet up with Matt(N4S) I decided to say the hell with it and just open it all up. I am at a rolling start when the light turns and I lay down on the bike and just go. Reaching 130 and then 140 and finially 150. I was felling the wind blow over my back and she was screamin to go faster. Finally reaching 158 and looking forward to the bend in the road I let off the throttle and slow down. God did that feel awsome.

Later Matt comes over and we go out riding. He and I are doing 130's and 140's. Last night was a great night for riding. At one point there was just way to much $hit blowing across the road but didn't stop us. Well, I slowed down a bit to be sure but then picked the speed back up and we were at it again. I am going to dislike having to park her for the winter. But atleast I was able to go out and riding her like she likes to be. :dthumb:
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Yeah, that was fun...we went riding till like, 1:30 I think it was..just out having a blast. We were passing each other left and right..first him, then me, then him, then me. The first jaunt we did down Rt. 30, I only hit about 120 or so, then on the second, I got up to 140 and still had plenty of throttle left, and then backed off with the upcoming bend and traffic up ahead. :here:

Yeah we had a blast alright ! Hoping to get a couple more of those in before the season is out...hey, my birthday is coming up soooooo. ;)
jeeps84 said:
:eek: :skep: :nono: :screwy: :nono: :screwy: :screwy: :screwy:
Be careful!!!!!

Have no fear..yes we were on a highway, but next to no cars out there, and we know the road like the back of our hand.

just had the urge to get out there and get it on 1 last time b/4 winter. Trust me, im as careful as can be when you're doing 140 mph. :rolleyes:
its alot of fun at night, but you do have to keep an extra eye out for hidden cops and animals, more so than during the day
Gas Man said:
Well, YES & NO!!! The good thing at night is that the cop has no idea what kind or color your bike is. Just keep the speed up or even go faster then duck and hide!!!

this is true, and if I see him b/4 DJ does, I can just blame him.. :lol: but thats a good point about the color and all, especially if his headlights are off.
Gas Man said:
Heck I even know a few guys that put a switch on their bike to kill all the lights on the bike but the dash lights!!! But I'm sure it's all for show.... :whistle:

yeah that would kinda suck, hittin that at night in the middle of nowhere..LOL
Gas Man said:
Yeah, that's what I didn't understand!! How in the he77 can you see?!?!

knowing my luck, i'd panic, in the middle of the night, on a the middle of nowhere..see a cop, flip the switch, he ends up not coming after me, and I crash because I couldnt freekin see to flip the switch back on.. :crazy:
GSXR750DJ said:
Don't worry Matthew, you'd have my tail light to see with. :D :bonk: :lol:
uumm...NOT!!! :rolleyes:
jeeps84 said:
That's what it's about! :D
we know what each other will do, and when they do it, so we're comfortable with riding it wide open whenever we feel the need.. :cool:
fatburg said:
Hey N4S, please say you picked up that jacket you've been talking about in the other thread before all these shenanigans....haha. People are quick to throw out that squid title sometimes.
yeah trust me I know...I do have a leather jacket that I wear when Im riding..I put off getting the jacket now because CJD said santa wanted to get it for me. so i'll have it soon.. :wink:
GSXR750DJ said:
That sounds like alot of things Santa is bringing for daddy this year. Was he good this year?? LOL :lol:

I sure hope so..lets see thats a slipon exhaust & jacket n pants....hhmm, I better do alittle more kissin up..

cuz u know when you're riding 150+ mph, all that matters is that you look good.. :eek: :rofl:
pickle.of.doom said:
Careful guys, tickets that big make insurance costs a REAAAAAAAAAAAL bitch :)

thats true..those damn riders on bikes built for speed! I tell ya..:lol:
pickle.of.doom said:
True true :)

Take an example from Benton Harbor MI though.... some cops would rather see you wreck/die than let you get away!

Not tryin to sound like a nancy, I am just waiting for a track day to test my bikes limits. No cops, no a-holes, no cages, no gravel, no roadkill piles. I try to keep it under 130 or so on public roads, and thats only on open stretches. Too many "that was too close" moments over the years.. mostly on my old bike that topped out at around 115-120 and handled like a yugo...

Prolly won't be able to get on the track til spring though :(
same here, Im lookin forward to a track day in the spring as well.. I can't wait, I've never done one before.

those "too close for comfort" moments do come from time to time, I admit that!
pickle.of.doom said:
Scariest by far that I have had have all been with nature.... deer, never hit one, but came within inches on a couple occasions...where I had to make a split second decision on right or left of it, and I've guessed right so far... but my luck isnt good enough to push it too much. :D

I agree, I damn near crushed thumper last nite on the way home about 1/2 mile from my house on small S curve.. :here: ..fortunately he was fast enuff to get outta the about a heart stopper when you're leaning waayyy down!!
double2000r6 said:
My birthday is coming up too - when is yours? Mine is Nov. 16.

Speed rules. I started the bike today and although it is rainy and cold I so wanted to go hit triple digits...

"What's going on here? Murder - want some?"
im the 17th man..all cool peeps are born in november right!! :cool:
double2000r6 said:
Absolutely - scorpio all the way.. We have the ability to create great things and then DESTROY THEM! lol...

Yeah I am going to be old also.. Damn..

"I'm coming atcha with a kitchen knife..."

CJD is with us too..her's is on the 11th....

i dont mind kicking it into higher speeds, depending on the type of rain, but not to often though..
although i'll admit, running my stock rubber does make me a bit nervous in the rain..but u know, when u gotta ride in the rain, u gotta ride in the rain.. its all good, i'll just feel better when i get some new metzlers on there..
riding in the rain is kinda fun if u ask really helps you keep ur focus even more, and its great practice.

if you can kick arse in the rain, imagine what you can do when its dry! :cool:
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