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160mph MC run ends traggic

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Heard about this on the radio and got the link off the WOS board...

running from the cops at 160mph and tried to take a sharp curve on I-94 and lost it. The rider was thrown so far from the bike that it took the cops nearly 30 minutes to find him! :yikes: And he was dead.

It closed the freeway for hours...

Story here
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SVupON1 said:
[email protected]!!! See that's why cops shouldn't chase motorcycles, especially sportbikes, there is no way a cop can catch you, and if they do your're most likely already dead. I 1/2 way blame the cop for stirring this one up.
Are you out of your f-ing mind? 1/2 blame the cops? If he didn't run in the first place he'd be alive, albeit a little lighter in the pockets or spending some time in the clink depending on what he was running from, but alive none the less. don't know how much your life is worth to you, but i'll gladly give up a few hundred bucks to save mine.

Now before i get flamed for this (as i'm sure i will). I'm sure he was a very skilled rider....yada, yada. And I'm definatly sure he will be missed by someone. But it's dangerous enough riding normal on the street, let alone 160+mph trying to outrun the cops. I just hate seeing these kind of stories that further drag our names through the mud
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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