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160mph MC run ends traggic

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Heard about this on the radio and got the link off the WOS board...

running from the cops at 160mph and tried to take a sharp curve on I-94 and lost it. The rider was thrown so far from the bike that it took the cops nearly 30 minutes to find him! :yikes: And he was dead.

It closed the freeway for hours...

Story here
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Pippi said:
Hey Gas.....some corrections....

#1 - Tragic - only has one g! ;)
#2 - There was no "running from the cops" involved at all. He was simply riding too fast for ability and conditions, came to the curve and crashed, but no pursuit or chase involved in this accident. The police were called out after the accident occured.
I stand corrected...thanks!
Hey now guys...

I'll tell you all a story for bedtime... :yaewn:

I was at a family clam bake (not weed people :nonod: ) and my in-law family is all cops... so there were a bunch of them standing around the margarita/dacerqui machine and I was talking to my cousin about police and speeding on my sportbike. This cop (non family and one of my uncle's, whos their sargent officers) walks up and we ask him if he would TRY to chase a sportbike if it was doing say 120mph... he said and I quote... "only to see if he'll crash being stupid" I laughed and thought it was a bit sick but kinda funny...
MotoGP... I know you are too young to be considering those questions let alone get the answers.
No it's another bull dog situation. We got a teenager asking "how fast do I have to go to outrun the cops?"

OK, I'll answer.... "faster than the digital radio waves!"
Never run if the lights are a blazing behind you!
SV is pretty right on with what I was going to say. But I don't get off the h/w. I just keep going till I get out of his jurisdiction. If he's a state mounty... just keep running like hell till you get off the h/w at your exit, hopefully 10 miles + then play it cool. Park the bike for a few hours at least!
Go faster!
While that might be true many times Ace on the jursdiction... it was just a reference point for the young guy asking questions. Besides the fact that a great number of times it's a state trooper so your screwed in that aspect anyway, as I stated. And you are right... most of the time you're screwed. They know all the tricks and are constantly taking measures to ensure that we don't get away. Just like the 696 speed traps on Thursday nights.

I won't speak about my flight or not from cops.. that would just be dumb. As far as the chopper... get your laughs and I'm glad I could help with that. :bash:
Pippi said:
FYI - this guy was a soldier, a rider out of Flint and he was drunk at the time of this accident.
Good info... and a interesting twist... yes that makes it a very powerfull weapon!
Yep you got that right! :nonod:
Well IT... there are many things that many of us do that could be viewed that way. Some do wheelies, some go fast, some do this or that... it's all in perspective... ya know!
Very good point there SV!
bumblebee said:
With more experience comes more ability, and then you raise the bar on yourself. Like GasMan's reflection thread...the more Time/miles spent riding at 100 +, you develope more confidence in your machine and the experience makes you more confident in your abilities. As with anything, as your confidence builds, you raise the bar and will engage in riskier behavior. As this builds over time, like GasMan, one day you will look down and realize you are running 180MPH on the highway, passing cars with one hand on the bars, and your feet dangling out behind you. How stupid or squidly this is will depend on who's point of view you are watching...

So when people talk about high speed blasts of 100 or more, many people with little experience call out "Hey...BS". But after they get the experience, their perspective changes...
Exactly Bee... you hit it right on. THANK YOU for being someone that understands.

It's all perspective... I have been thinking about it more, because I have more to loose for the "what if's". I could loose it all by either death, severe inury, or revoke of my lisence would make me loose my job.

But all but the last one could also happen on the track.

Furthermore, as you get more and more use to the speed and danger you start to loose the fear that keeps you in check. Once that starts to go...LOOK OUT..cause the sky is the limit on what you might do when the adraline starts pumping!
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