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160mph MC run ends traggic

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Heard about this on the radio and got the link off the WOS board...

running from the cops at 160mph and tried to take a sharp curve on I-94 and lost it. The rider was thrown so far from the bike that it took the cops nearly 30 minutes to find him! :yikes: And he was dead.

It closed the freeway for hours...

Story here
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[email protected]!!! See that's why cops shouldn't chase motorcycles, especially sportbikes, there is no way a cop can catch you, and if they do your're most likely already dead. I 1/2 way blame the cop for stirring this one up.
yeah well I know a lot of cops, and they will tell me...we don't chase sportbikes...we can never catch them, and if we do they are already dead.
Pippi said:
Hey Gas.....some corrections....

#1 - Tragic - only has one g! ;)
#2 - There was no "running from the cops" involved at all. He was simply riding too fast for ability and conditions, came to the curve and crashed, but no pursuit or chase involved in this accident. The police were called out after the accident occured.
Wow! funny how one mis-understanding can throw the whole story off. Just one little detail..... :scratch: :skep:
Heath3n said:
That is quite possibly the stupidest ****ing thing I've ever seen spewed on an internet forum. I'm not even going to attempt to explain to you why, because if you spout off **** like that then you just wouldn't understand.
What the F ever! Almost every cop I know says they won't chase a sport bike. They simply can't catch them.
Oh and even at that...the cop wasn't chaseing the guy on the bike in this case....the guy already wrecked...then the police were called out to the scene.
jeeps84 said:
I 1/2 way agree. with SV, but nobody should be ridding that fast on the street. Chased or not. :whistle:
:iagree: :whistle:
Heath3n said:
Well both of you have a stupid opinion then. I care less whether or not a cop decides to chase a motorcycle..but if he does decide to chase one and the dumbass on the bike crashes and dies, then it's the rider's own fault for making a poor choice. Stupidity eventually catches up with everyone, and depending on how stupid your particular decisions are, you might die from them. No one's fault but the motorcyclist as far as I'm concerned. The cop is just doing his job.
Cops Kill!!!
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jeeps84 said:
I am entitled to my stupid opinion so deal with it.

I agree the cops are only trying to do their job but, It is well known that they will sometimes push a chase to the extreme. If this doesn't happen. Possibly, no one gets hurt.

If your the one running and you screw up. Oh well, I hope you live to tell about it.
:iagree: 100% Jeeps thanks!
MotoGP said:
what if your like "ohh **** and you see a cop car sitting on the side of the highway with his radar gun out just as you fly by him @ 170 u think oh **** if i stop now im never going to ride a bike as long as i live again, or just gas it and take the next exit
If you see a cop sitting in the median shooting radar and you blaze by at 170 don't let off that throttle, keep on moveing...get the hell out of there and hide quick...he won't catch you all that easily..going that fast he probably won't chase you, but he will radio it in...just go in stealth mode.

If you pass a cop going in the other direction at 170..don't let off that throttle keep on scootin...once again hide in stealth mode...that cop still has to slam on the brakes, and turn around and accelerate...once again he's not going to catch you too easily by the time he gets turned are already gone!

If you see :dupe: behind you...pull over and be nice and honest with the already know you are screwed...don't make it worse. :2cents:
Gas Man said:
SV is pretty right on with what I was going to say. But I don't get off the h/w. I just keep going till I get out of his jurisdiction. If he's a state mounty... just keep running like hell till you get off the h/w at your exit, hopefully 10 miles + then play it cool. Park the bike for a few hours at least!
Just don't leave enough head room for another cop to stage up and get ready to block your way.
itgirl25 said:
here's a novel about saving those speeds for the track and not the highway. speed kills, whether in a car or on a bike. isn't going that fast on a highway kinda squidly? or does that only apply if you are doing it shirtless wearing flip-flops?
You can die on the track what's the difference!?
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