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160mph MC run ends traggic

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Heard about this on the radio and got the link off the WOS board...

running from the cops at 160mph and tried to take a sharp curve on I-94 and lost it. The rider was thrown so far from the bike that it took the cops nearly 30 minutes to find him! :yikes: And he was dead.

It closed the freeway for hours...

Story here
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You wont get no :bash:ing from me on this one.
If you not wrong to begin with you wont need to run at all.
The first 1/2 was the riders fault for having to be stopped at all 2nd 1/2 was the riders fault for now having to be chased instead of stopping. Cops have a job to do. I know some states have a max chase speed of 100mph then they have to quit the chase. Just for this kind of danger. Other states say catchem' no matter what or who gets hurt. A runner is more dangerous if he gets away because 1 he wont look back on his actions from each run he does. And 2 If he continuse to get away he will continue to try to run and continue to cause damage and or deaths in each event.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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