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170hp Frankenstein 945RR for sale

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Hi all,

Well, I'm going to be relocating to Australia on December 7th so that my wife, daughter and I can spend some time with my side of the family for about 5 years. I am strongly contemplating exporting my bike to Australlia, but am also considering selling it here and just starting aftesh when I get there b/c the shipping costs are about $1,800. It may just be a better option for me to try and sell it here first.

So, here's your one and only chance to buy a CBR 945cc 145RWHP dyno tested total frankenstein bike, that doesn't look like it, and runs on premium pump gas (no additives or race gas required). She's a real 'sleeper', very unassuming (nobody would know what's under the bodywork!!). It's a 95 motor and frame (clear MI title), with 99 bodywork, swingarm and gauges, 17" F3 front wheel. Anyways, I'll list the specs below. I have receipts for the motor work for nearly $6K alone that was done by Racebikes in Wyoming, MI, and that doesn't include the flatslide carbs which are over $1K on their own. Including buying the bike, the parts, motor work, paint, powdercoating etc, there's probably around $20,000 in the bike (I know you're going "whaaaat?". Believe me, I have added it up and can do it for you too to prove it if needed!!!). You know what it would cost if you had to do these mods to your own bike.

First $7,350 takes it. I will consider offers, but don't hold your horses if it's a lowball offer. I can just as easily ship the bike overseas as I am not in any way desperate to sell it. Just giving people the chance to buy a fully built bike right now. Title is clean and clear. No trades or part trades please.

Consider that stock undamaged 98-99 900rr's sell for around $4400-5000 on Ebay. For all the motor work and internals, flatslide carbs, custom metallic paint, powdercoating, F3 wheel, Corbin seat, indiglo gauges, Acumen Digi gear indicator, Pilot Power tires, upgraded braking, solo cowl, TBR exhaust, and all the other cool s-h-y-t-e, I'm only asking another $2350-2950 more (base is dependent on the street price of the stock bikes). Like I said, I have receipts for nearly $6K just for the motor work without the carbs or other parts!!

Bike has 22,800 miles total, but the motor work was done at 19,000 miles (so only 3,800 on the motor - a lot of it highway). Doesn't really matter anyways...stunters know that these motors are bulletproof and very long lasting (guys in Europe are getting 60K+ miles from them). It has a brand new Barnett clutch too. Only Amsoil synthetic oil has been used. Although this is a race bike motor with about 170hp at the crank, it is extremely streetable. It is not tempermental or difficult to ride. With a flat torque curve of 72 lb ft at the rear wheel, there's no way it could be. It has CHARACTER and is very unique. And there's no way you'll look like anybody else at that sportbike meet! I'd like to think the bike is a looker, and very distinct.

Test rides gladly permitted, but only with a $7350 cash deposit in hand!

Interested? Please call Simon on 248-961-2300 (EDT) or email: [email protected]. Bike is located in Detroit, Michigan.


1995 CBR900RR
99 full bodywork, tank & swingarm custom painted in DuPont Hot Hues 'Lemon Glow'
Black mini-tex powdercoated frame, swingarm, fork bases and subframe (just like on the new bikes)
99 gauges and headlight/tail light. Miles show ~4600.
17" CBR F3 front wheel (bought brand new this year)
New wheel bearings front and rear
Michelin Pilot Power tires (only 400 miles on them). No burnouts or track days ever. They look like new
39mm Keihin flatslide racing carbs
4 K&N high flow air filters
2mm Overbore forged Cosworth pistons (945cc)
Titanium rods
Erion racing cams
Ferrea 1mm oversized stainless valves
Decked and ported head
All new gaskets at time of rebuild (bike does not leak any oil)
Lightened and balanced crank
Two Brothers polished high mount full exhaust system
NGK Platinum plugs
954 high flow radiator
Undercut transmission gears 2 through 6
Barnett Kevlar clutch (new)
New clutch and throttle cables
310mm front brake upgrade with 954 calipers all around
Goodridge Kevlar brake lines front and rear
ATE Superblue racing brake fluid
520 conversion with RK GB520GXW X ring chain
RRP brand sprockets (15/43T)
Corbin leather seat
Targa Solo tail cowl
Racing rear set (raises pegs up and back for more corner clearance)
Indiglo reverse style 200mph gauges
Acumen Digi gear indicator (blue illumination to match gauges)
Clear alternatives LED tail lamp (with integrated amber turn signals)
Ontario MotoTech custom triple tree
LP steering dampner
Forks have new seals and fluid (done in June 05)
Memphis shades two tone windshield
SpeedoHealer custom speedo calibrator (can display in KMH for all you Canadians!!)
Real carbon fiber center fairing, yoke cover and gas tank cover
Anodized gold bolt kit on all non-stressed bolts
Aluminum gold pegs
Race stand bobbins with the mounts professionally welded on to swingarm

Bike needs nothing. It's ready to go. Cheers!

PS. I know that I can get my price easily if I were to part the bike out on Ebay, but it's just too nice to do that.
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Awesome Bike, Awesome deal...

If I had the cash, I would be on this in a New York Minute ! Sime, :luck: with the sell !

WildMonkey said:
If I had the cash, I would be on this in a New York Minute ! Sime, :luck: with the sell !

Hope you win the lottery then Steve!!!! :wink:

Thanks! :cheers:
:luck: with the sale Sime! :dthumb:
Listen I will speak up on this....

Sime was maticulous in detail on this bike. I seen it before and after the most recent bodywork upgrade. The bike is gourgous in person. The yellow paint is amazing as well as the powdercoat job on the frame, swing arm, and front forks. It is a really nice bike.

On a side note Sime... how come they can't just haul down under with your other household items??
Thanks SVupON1!

Thanks also for the endorsement Chris! I am very proud of the way it turned out. Glad you like it too!!! :dthumb:

The reality is that I can ship it across to Australia. It will cost me about $1800 once all freight fees and duties (GST) are paid. But I figure that I try and sell it here first, that way I don't need to worry about dealing with customs, shipping the stock exhaust for emissions/EPA, putting the chain guard on, OEM turn signals, getting the bike inspected and registered etc. I mean, I'll happily do it if I don't sell the bike here, but I want to try and sell it here first, because I have a lot of other things going on too with little time to do it all in. So selling the bike here will be a little easier for me, and the lucky buyer will get a hell of a bike at a substantial saving! It would be a win-win for both parties.

Also, we're not taking many household effects with us because of the cost to ship. Just taking the computer, clothes and my flying stuff. We'll store some stuff here, but we also have a bunch of nice stuff to sell here if anybody is interested.

I'll post about it on the WOS site. Or people can PM me with their email and I'l send them pics and details.

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Lowered the price to $6600.
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