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eCycle Hybrid Motorcycle

Employing state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical design technology, eCycle is developing a 180mpg motorcycle. The motorcycle features a 219cc direct injected diesel engine and a 8kW electric motor drive. The weight is 230lbs, with a top speed of 80mph and acceleration of 0-60 mph in 6 seconds. The target retail price is $5,500.

Designed along these principles, the eCycle hybrid motorcycle functions in the following manner:

1. To accelerate from a standstill, the control system senses the throttle input and then delivers torque to the electric motor. This causes the vehicle to begin moving forward and also causes the engine to begin spinning. At low speeds, no fuel is delivered to the engine, so the engine does not yet provide any power.

2. At approximately 12mph, or an equivalent engine speed of 1500rpm, the vehicle control system directs the fuel injection to begin spraying fuel into the engine. The motorcycle then receives torque input from both the diesel engine and the electric motor.

3. Once up to cruising speed, the electric motor no longer provides torque to the vehicle. Instead, since it is spinning in conjunction with the engine, the electric motor is used to very efficiently generate electricity to recharge the battery pack.

4. While cruising at a steady speed, if the control system senses more throttle input (for further acceleration to a higher speed), the electronics will re-engage power delivery to the electric motor. The torque added by the electric motor accelerates the vehicle. Once the desired speed is achieved, the electronics readjust and recommence charging the battery.


Front Suspension: 1.75" (44mm) Inverted Fork 7.5" (190mm) Travel

Rear Suspension: Penske Racing Coil-Over Mono-Shock, Ride-Height Adjuster 5" (127mm) Travel

Front Brake: Grimeca Single Four-Piston Caliper 12.6" (320 mm) Disc

Rear Brake: Single One-Piston Floating Wave Rotor 8.5" (215.9mm) Disc

Front Wheel: Grimeca 17 x 2.75" Aluminum

Rear Wheel: Grimeca 17 x 2.75" Aluminum

Front Tire: Pirelli MT75, 110/70-17

Rear Tire: Pirelli MT75, 130/70-17

Rake/Trail: 24.0 Deg./3.9" (98.3mm)

Wheelbase: 52.0" (1321mm)

Seat Height: 28.0" (711mm)

Weight: 230lbs. (105kg)

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Mojo said:
Don't knock it... It's still faster than a Buell! :rofl:
NO NO NO... I wasn't knocking it. I would love to have a bike that got that type of milage. I could ride all week on one tank of gas. :dthumb:
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