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1998 Ducati 748(modded)F/S

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I have a '98 Duc for sale.It's far from stock.
1998 Ducati 748
853 big bore motor(installed by MCC in IL)
New front sprocket and chain
New tires(front and rear)
Solo and bi-posto tail section and rear set
Carbon fiber-front,rear fenders,open clutch cover,front sprocket cover,swingarm cover,key guard
Front and rear race stands(both matching yellow)
Have $22,000 invested asking $7500.
Bike has 9500 on the odometer,but only 350 on new motor.
Email me if interested.
Live in the Chicago area and would like to sell locally,but would be able to work out some kind of shipping.Might be able to get the same place that ships the ducati's to the dealer.Would have to check.
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