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1st mod finally on

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finally ,got to put on my new fender eliminator kit ....tried to wait for it to be alittle warmer the heck with it got tired of waiting !...also put on my new pro grips but i dont have any pics of them yet . sorry about pics digital cam sucks! :cursin:

before ...and after shots :dthumb:
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actually went real well !......installl was easier then i thought it was gonna be ...just had 4 screws to take out to remove fender and disconnect the lights. :thumbs: ...nice part was didnt have to cut anything ( besides wire) to hook up the short stalk turn signals .it mounted to factory holes . took me about 30 minutes to hook up ! :thumbs: now i just have to get some kind of licence plate light for it ....other than that i like it alot !.definitly better than that stock fender :lol:
twisty said:
Your next should be the 520 chain conversion. Best HP gain for a 600.
i will look into that ! :thumbs:
Gas Man said:
That looks loads better...but maybe you should also read your camera manual in your free time so those pics improve.... :lol:
yeah i just found the problem had the camera on a different setting so it blured the pics :bash: . i had posted other pics on the forum and the pics were definitly better than the ones of the :lol: when all else fails read the directions :lol: :bonk: then again iam a typical man i dont read the directions :bash: :lol:
Gas Man said:
Yeah... destruction manual!! :lol:
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