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2 Wheel Tuesday Bike Theft

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I got to see the last 20 mins of a segment on 2 Wheel Tuesday on Spike TV. They were interviewing a former bike thief who now works for insurance companies assisting with theft issues. He stated that the preffered location to steal a bike was at an appartment complex. The second favorite location was hotels. They utilized 3-5 guys and a van. If the bike was locked to something they cut it. They then picked the entire bike up and placed it in a van. They even took orders for which bike a "customer" wanted. The price is $100 per 100 cc's. Hayabusa's were a flat $1,500. The most coveted bikes were sports bikes. They then obtained a salvage title from a junkyard and switched the vin's. The best defense according to the thief was, "out of sight, out of mind", ie. keep your bike inside a garage, house or enclosed storage. Also the favorite time to steal was between 2-3 am when everyone is normally sleeping. By the way the segment ended with an interview from Lojack. They have agreements with about half of the states and are now making their system for bikes.

What are you guys doing to protect your bike from theft?
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I hate to say but mine resides outside :upset: Our garage is so small, one car and one bike is all that will fit, so the other 2 bikes... outside it is. Our front door is actually on the side of the house, kinda hidden, so I just ride up the sidewalk and park by the front door on the sidewalk. As for locking it I either use my cable lock and lock it to the 600 RR in front of me, or lock it to the tree that's there. I know if someone wanted it they'd still take it either way, but I feel better knowing I at least try. I live in a really good neighborhood though, gated community and all, so not much ever happens around here which is good. Plus about 6 of my close neighbors are cops and have their squad cars sitting in the driveway too, lol

Get this though... a few weeks after I bought my bike a friend of mine bought a new '04 gsxr 600. Had it a month and a half and only put 800 miles on it and it got jacked right from his house. He had it parked inside a fence enclosure thingy (one of those 3 sided fences along a side of the house, like where people put garbage cans and such) in his back yard, under a cover, and there was only one gate and he parked his camaro in front of the gate so it couldn't be opened. Came out the next morning to go to work... gone. Nothing else was moved, but the bike disappeared. They somehow lifted it up and over the fence, and out they went. He lives in a good neighborhood!?! :scratch:
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