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$200,000 whoops!!

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this is kinda funny i thought. dont know if this has been posted, but here ya go.
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now see that's the way I feel about when newbies talk about getting a 1,000cc, or a supersport bike for their first bike. They simply can't handle the power!

but [email protected] that car was f'd up! Sucks to be him!
jappysRR said:
Bwahahahahah!! DOH! :nonod:
no it's... Bwahahahahah!! :doh: :nonod:

you friggen :whore:

Needless to say, that guys insurance is gonna SPIKE! He won't even be able to get a hyundai with a reasonable interest rate.
:lol: maybe he can get away with a pinto.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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