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2001 SV650s

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i am going to sell this and upgrade for this upcoming summer..............i have gathered enoughf money to add to what i can get for this bike and hopefully buy a hayabusa

no hijacking this thread please

most of you know me here but for those of you who dont i have a 2001 SV605s and it is in good shape ...... i droped it on a ride about 6 months ago ........ i fixed everything it runs great and you cant see any scratches unless you really look up close ......... i have a spare complete rear rim and tire along with 2 helmets that go with it and also a jacket


email me for complete details and if you would like to talk over the phone

[email protected] :dthumb:
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bulldog said:
i am asking 2700 and i will help out a lil on shipping or meeting :dthumb:
Dude I'll send you a check for 5700. You cash the check then ship me the bike with the 3000 extra. You can even subtracting the shipping cost from the money left over. Shipping shouldn't be more then $1000.

:readng: :wredx:

Don't hate guys, I'm most likely saving this kids life.:dthumb:
bulldog said:
are you serious ? ? ? if you are let me know ............ i will post up pics this week ..... i got to borrow my sis camera
Dude, I was kidding. :bash: What I typed was an example of a scam that has been around for many many years now. You really need to keep the SV. It is a great starter bike and also is a great track bike to have when you move up to another bike.
Earlzach said:
I have never seen a SV "605"s :scratch:
I noticed that to. Didn't think anything of it unil I saw that he typed the SV-605s everytime he amed his bike. That is if he really has a bike.:tt:
pickle.of.doom said:
Yeah but bull is conveniently avoiding the other one.
He's avoiding this one to!:tt:
bulldog said:
nope just havent been on.....i dont need to avoid anything
You need to avoid that Busa, and starting threads that make you look like a squid. Just some advice.

Oh ya still waiting on the pictures.:tt:
The world of sport bikes is a ever changing one. We can learn this from MOTO-GP. 500cc 2 stroke-1000cc 4 stroke-800cc 4 stroke.

Just because you think you can ride doesn't mean you can. And let me be very clear to you on this one. Riding is not jump on your bike and trolling the local checkers parking lots.
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