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2001 SV650s

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i am going to sell this and upgrade for this upcoming summer..............i have gathered enoughf money to add to what i can get for this bike and hopefully buy a hayabusa

no hijacking this thread please

most of you know me here but for those of you who dont i have a 2001 SV605s and it is in good shape ...... i droped it on a ride about 6 months ago ........ i fixed everything it runs great and you cant see any scratches unless you really look up close ......... i have a spare complete rear rim and tire along with 2 helmets that go with it and also a jacket


email me for complete details and if you would like to talk over the phone

[email protected] :dthumb:
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I have never seen a SV "605"s :scratch:
Gas Man said:
Good eye!

Either way I changed the thread title!
Your so sweet!:hug:
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