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2003 GSXR1000 For Sale

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Hi I have an 03 silver GSXR I am selling. It has 4,250 miles on it, yosh pipe, undertail, flush mount signals, chrome frame and swing arm sliders, and all the decals are stripped off of it except for the black suzuki decal on the side and the suzuki decals on the gas tank that are under the clear coat. It comes with the seat cowl and the passenger seat. I am asking 8,500. If you have any questions and would like to see pics either email me at [email protected] or call my cell 301-748-3966.

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Hold! Don't do it! Just don't do it! Bull isn't ready for anything even close to that!! Of coarse, it might be a for sure sale!

Nice bike... I bet takin those stickers off took some time and was loads of fun...

That undertail looks good...

Why you sellin?
HoldnItBig said:
Stickers weren't to god awful bad, used a hair dryer, and goo gone to get any sticky resadue left off. Im selling because I just bought a 2004 ZX10R and I don't really need 2 bikes. If I could afford it I would def. keep this bike, it has never caused any problems. Thanks for lookn.

Hold up!! You bought a new '04 10R and are selling the GSXR 1K... I love the idea...

Can you tell us more about these reasons...maybe start another thread...I would love to hear the pros n cons from your perspective on this!
Holdn...very interesting.. it is nice to hear a normal rider to give his/her :2cents: on the liter shootout...
jeeps84 said:
Little lower and I might be intrested.
Really... I thought you really wanted a '05?
I're one of those guys with lots a toys and still lots of money to buy lots more toys!! YOU SUCK!!

~mental note~ I'm sure Bee is happy to see me say that to somebody else!
HoldnItBig said:
I'd lower the price but even at 7,500.00 I will still owe another 300.00 to get it paid off, so i'm not tryn to lose my ass to bad on it.
No you have a good point... what are they going for online... like
Hold... get shipped? Military I suppose?
Yeah that's no good! :luck: out there and make us proud! Oops, already done that! :pat:

Watch your 6 and tell your fellow troops that we support ya guys 200%!!!!
1 - 8 of 50 Posts
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