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2003 GSXR1000 For Sale

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Hi I have an 03 silver GSXR I am selling. It has 4,250 miles on it, yosh pipe, undertail, flush mount signals, chrome frame and swing arm sliders, and all the decals are stripped off of it except for the black suzuki decal on the side and the suzuki decals on the gas tank that are under the clear coat. It comes with the seat cowl and the passenger seat. I am asking 8,500. If you have any questions and would like to see pics either email me at [email protected] or call my cell 301-748-3966.

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:nopicsbs: :welcome: :twfrox: :luck:
I don't think I could ever bring my self to make that trade.
:luck: with the sale!
HoldnItBig said:
Price reduced to 7,500.00 FIRM.

Little lower and I might be intrested.
I do!
The longer you know me the better you will understand.
Buy/sale/trade Cars/trucks/bikes/boats/campers any time a deal is right.
I can get 03/04 GSXR 1000's with similar mods for that price locally.
IDK about the money part but I do like my toys! :cheers:
I cant ask you to rip your self off. :nonod:
It should sale quick at the current price. :luck:
:sorry: :pat: :luck:
HoldnItBig said:
Rcastor426, I don't have the Z06 anymore sold it about 2 months ago, but i do plan on getting another one soon...........
Now thats a keeper! :crazy:
I wish you well on your journey and unloading your stuff!
I wanted a ZO6 when I bought my Vette, just never found the deal..
I sold it for lack of interest.
1 - 9 of 50 Posts
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